How to Build a Small Basketball Court

    Decide the size of a basketball court you want. A regulation size court is 94 feet long by 50 feet wide, but since you are building a smaller court you may want to build a half-court which is 47 feet long by 50 feet wide. Make sure you have enough space in your yard or indoors to complete the court. (Also, if you are building a court indoors, make sure you have a high enough ceiling. The height of the basketball rim is 10 feet, meaning you will want the ceiling to be about 20 feet high at the least to account for the arcs of shots.)

    Choose the material you want for your floor and install it. If you are building a court indoors, you may consider installing a wooden floor. However, in that case you will want to contact an expert regarding how to install the floor. If you are outdoors, you will want to use either concrete or a tile-based basketball court. There are a number of Do-It-Yourself tile-based courts that are simple to install. If you are installing a floor of concrete, contact a concrete company and outline the details of your court to find out how much it will cost. They will take care of the heavy lifting such as the pouring and installation of the concrete.

    Mount your basketball poles. Dig a hole in the ground to insert your basketball pole. The hole's diameter should be roughly three times that of the pole. This will allow it to settle and be sturdily set in the ground. The hole should also be set at a depth of roughly one-third of the pole. After the hole is dug, place the pole straight up and fill the hole with gravel or other hard stones. This will keep the pole in a roughly straight position. When the pole is at the correct straight angle, pour concrete in the hole to make sure it permanently remains stuck in the ground. Allow the concrete to dry before releasing the pole.

    Mount the basket. Hang the rim at 10 feet from the ground. Install the backboard above the rim and attached to the pole. The backboard and basket will be attached by using a bolt and screw system that comes with the materials. When complete, hang the actual net basket to complete the project.


  • If you do not want to permanently place basketball poles in the ground, you can also purchase portable baskets that can be moved.

Things Needed

  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Basket(s)
  • Basket pole approximately 15 feet long
  • Backboard
  • Optional: Basketball floor kit
  • Shovel (or another kind of hole digger)

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