How to Calculate RBI

    Keep track of each time a batter hits the ball into play from each time at bat for each game during the entire season. Add the total RBIs at the end of the season for the seasonal RBI total.

    Add runs to a continuous RBI total that runners on base score from each batter's hit.

    Omit any runs from RBI tallies that occur from double plays. A double play occurs when two runners become out during one play. If an error occurs, you may or may not add runs batted in for an RBI tally. Wait for official rule from an umpire to determine if the run would have occurred whether or not the error happened. If an umpire rules the run(s) would have occurred even without the error, add runs to the RBI total. If an umpire rules the run(s) would not have occurred without the error, do not add runs to the RBI total.

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