How Can You Fix a Warped Pool Table?


If you have a pool table that seems warped or out of level, it may be difficult to repair, depending on what the playing surface is made from. Less expensive tables may have a plywood surface that can warp over time. Better tables are made with slate and can be leveled more easily. The way it has warped will also be a deciding factor in whether the warping can be repaired. If you still have distortion in the playing surface after attempting to correct any problems, contact a local pool or billiard store for suggestions.

Read the manufacturer's manual to learn what mechanisms there are for leveling your pool table.

Check the bottom plate that meets the floor first to see if you can turn it to level the table. If there is no bottom plate, examine your table for other leveling mechanisms.

Adjust any mechanisms included on your table in an attempt to get it level.

Use four 2-foot-long levels to check where the low spot is on the playing surface. Place one on each side.

Shim the side with a piece of wood where the levels indicate it needs raising.

Roll a cue ball slowly in various areas of your table to check if it rolls true.

Remove the felt covering carefully from the table surface if there is still surface warping after checking whether the table is level.

Remove the plywood surfaces, which will generally be installed in three large sheets.

Place the plywood on a flat surface and water it down with a hose until it is wet.

Weight the wood down with large, flat, heavy stones or other heavy weights and allow it to dry to remove any warping.

Replace the flattened boards back in the table and test whether the surface is flat enough with levels and a cue ball as described above.

Reapply the felt cover using spray adhesive if your surface is level to your satisfaction.

Recheck the surface after recovering with the felt.


If your pool table surface is made from slate, it cannot warp. Follow the instructions to level it.


A wood-surfaced pool table is often impossible to level or straighten out once it has warped. It may be best to remove and replace the plywood entirely with new wood or buy another table.