How to Change the Steering Wheel on a Club Car Golf Cart

    Remove the center cap of the steering wheel, or scorecard holder, on the Club Car golf cart. It either snaps on or is screwed down from the back side of the steering wheel.

    Remove the nut from the steering wheel shaft, using a socket and wrench that fits the nut. Begin by turning the steering wheel all the way to the left to help keep the steering shaft from turning. Then turn the nut to the left with the socket wrench.

    Position the steering wheel puller. The screw side of the puller will go on the top of the wheel, and the other end goes around the steering shaft directly under the steering wheel. Hand-tighten the bolt until the end of the bolt hits the center of the steering shaft.

    Tighten the steering wheel puller bolt until the steering wheel disengages from the shaft. It should pop loose. Loosen the bolt and remove the puller.

    Position the new steering wheel on the shaft. Hit the wheel with the heels of both of your hands to seat the wheel on the shaft.

    Reinstall the nut on the shaft. Turn the wheels all the way to the right; this will help keep the shaft from turning while you are tightening the nut.

    Install the new center cap or scorecard holder on the new steering wheel.


  • The steering wheel puller is available from Club Car directly.
  • Replacing the nut and then replacing the steering wheel is always a good option.


  • Do not hit the steering wheel from the shaft side; it could cause the steering shaft to come out of the steering box.

Things Needed

  • Club Car steering wheel puller
  • Socket set
  • Wench set
  • New steering wheel

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