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How to Clean Batting Gloves

Daily Maintenance

    Instead of waiting until the end of the season to clean your batting gloves, daily maintenance is the best way to keep your equipment in top shape. Shake out your batting gloves following practices and games before throwing them in your bag. This removes mud and dirt that could otherwise harden onto the gloves. When you return home, mix dish-washing soap with lukewarm water and gently wipe the gloves clean -- just be careful not to soak the gloves, especially any leather surfaces. Remove any excess soap with a clean cloth or sponge and hang the batting gloves up to dry.

Machine Washing and Drying

    You may be tempted to simply toss your batting gloves into the washing machine. However, washing machines and dryers spell disaster for any batting gloves that contain leather -- and the majority of models available do utilize a leather palm for grip. According to the New England Baseball Journal, some companies do produce batting gloves designed exclusively with synthetic materials. These gloves offer the same level of grip and protection along with the convenience of machine washing and drying. Always check the materials information on your batting gloves before choosing a cleaning method.

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