How to Clean Copper Golf Clubs


Golf aficionados have a passion not merely for the links but the equipment as well. If you’re swinging a classic set of beryllium copper head clubs, you probably like the look as well as the feel. Lovers of the club insist that its softer hit brings them to the green with consistent spin and loft. Cleaning the clubs keeps them hitting well and looking fine against the green.

Use a golf brush to remove sod from the head's grooves and assure the best performance from the club.

Wash club heads with soapy water after each use. Dry thoroughly.

Soak the heads for 15 to 20 minutes in a cup of white vinegar with a tablespoon of salt added. Rinse and dry.

Buff the heads on a high-speed buffer with a soft compound, such as Tripoli Polishing Compound, if you want the heads restored to their original luster. However, if your clubs are for use and not for show, beware of shine you will create; the glare may interfere with your game. As long as the clubs are dirt and debris-free, let them weather naturally.

Use a copper polish such as Noxon or Nevr-Dull. Ping specifically shuns the recommendation of chemicals on their copper irons, but as long as you wash with soapy water and dry the clubs after application, the chemicals shouldn't harm the club head.