How to Construct a Miniature Golf Course


Miniature golf is a popular recreational activity that is fun for children as well as adults. Many avid players like to make their own miniature golf holes to allow them to play at their leisure without having to pay fees to play at a course. Constructing a miniature golf course out of movable materials allows for the creation of a multiple-hole course without having to use the large amount of floor space that a full permanent course would require.

Prepare a playing surface for your course. The larger the area, the more holes can be set up at once and the larger your holes can be. A roll of Astroturf applied to a floor makes for a great putting surface; however, any short carpet can suffice if you do not wish to spend money on Astroturf.

Construct walls for your hole by using cinder blocks, wood beams or bricks. Smaller pieces, such as bricks, allow for more customization in construction, but take longer to set up, whereas long wood beams can quickly create a long wall but do not allow for as much creativity.

Position the walls at angles to allow for banking around corners. A 45-degree angle corner at a right-angle turn in the hole will allow a ball struck from one arm of the hole to bounce down the other.

Construct holes that feature more than one playing area and connect them using game elements. You can build a jump by resting a piece of plywood atop a few bricks. Poster board can be rolled and taped to make a tube, and downspout extensions can serve as tunnels from one area to another.

Place a putting cup to serve as the target for the hole.

Record your holes on paper and pencil as you construct them so that you can recreate and replay your favorites.