How to Construct a Shot Put Area


Constructing a shot put area isn’t difficult, but it takes some patience and the assistance of a couple of friends. A shot put area features a circle-shaped throwing circle, from which an athlete makes a shot put throw; and a triangle-shaped throwing sector, which defines the area toward through the athlete directs his throws, and which features marked-out distances.

Find an empty and flat field of grass that you can use as your shot put area.

Create the shot put circle at one end of the grassy field. Get a writing pen or other sharp object and tie a string to it. A shot put circle has a diameter of 7 feet. Therefore, use a measuring tape and scissors to cut the string to 3.5 feet, or 42 inches, which is the radius of a shot put circle. Have a friend hold the end of the pen into the ground where you’d like the center of the shot put circle to be as you pull the string taut and walk around in a circle, marking it as you go with either chalk or spray paint.

Draw, within the shot put circle, the outline of the throwing sector, an area that has the shape of an isosceles triangle. Have a partner hold the end of the measuring tape to the center of the throwing circle. Walk out 150 feet and mark that line with chalk. Have a second partner hold the end of the second measuring tape to the end point of the 150-foot line. While holding both measuring tapes, move 90 feet to either the right or left. Pull both measuring tapes taut so that you’re 150 feet away from the center of the throwing circle and 90 feet away from the end of the other sideline. Where these two measuring tapes intersect is the end of the other sideline. Mark the 90-foot line and new 150-foot line with chalk or spray paint

Mark out distance lines throughout the throwing sector. Have a partner hold the end of the measuring tape at the center of the throwing circle. Walk directly straight through the triangle-shaped throwing sector and make a mark every 5 yards. This will allow you to monitor and track the distance of your shot put throws.

Anchor a stop board around the edge of the throwing circle. Purchase a stop board, which is arch-shaped, made of wood and painted white. Install the board at the edge of the circle that rests against the throwing section. The board’s inner edge should align with the inner edge of the circle.