How to Create a Schedule for a Golf League


So, you have decided to go into the golf business and have gone ahead with your plans to make a golf league. No matter how you decide to run your golf league, you are going to have to create a schedule for your matches. In order to make a good schedule, you will need to assess a number of things about your golf league, including the number of players in your league, the courses you will use, the style of play in the golf league, and much more.

Setting Up Your Golf Schedule

Decide on the number of matches you will have. As a general rule, the more golfers you have in your league, the more matches you will need to have to more decisively determine the rankings at the end of your league's season.

Determine which golf courses you will use in your golf league. Do some research on the Internet on all of the various golf courses located near your golfers' homes and plan your schedule around them.

Decide on how you are going to run your golf league. Are the golfers going to compete individually, or are they going to be grouped in teams of pairs, threesomes, or foursomes? If you have a lot of golfers, it is better to group them into teams.

Decide how you are going to time the golfers' tee times during the matches. If you have a lot of players, it is usually good to space the tee times with one golfer every 15 minutes. If you only have a few players in your league, it makes more sense to shotgun the tee times at one specific time because there will not be too much waiting.

Making Your Schedule

Write down your schedule with a paper and pencil. Use the following information for the columns columns: the name of match, address of the match, tee times for the golfers, the par for the golf course and the number of holes on the golf course. Each row will indicate a new match.

Put your schedule on Microsoft Word with a chart. Make sure the chart uses the criteria you wrote down on the paper from Step 1.

Print out the schedules. Print one out for yourself, and print one out for each of the golfers in your league.


If you are doing a shotgun start for your golf league instead of assigning tee times, you can leave that column out on your schedule's chart.

Try to have three matches for each golfer you have. For instance, if you have 10 golfers, try to have 30 matches. If you do not have the time for 30 matches, either spread them out over the course of the year or cut the number of matches.

If you are going to group golfers into separate groups, try to group them by their handicaps.

If you have more golfers than you do golf courses in each of their areas, just use as many golf courses in the area as possible.

Get input from your various golfers on how to schedule the league. This way, everyone will be on the same page on how the golf league's schedule will be put together.


Make sure you call each of your golf courses and get a permit for each match before you schedule it. Otherwise, you might not be able to schedule it with the chiefs of staff at the golf courses.