What Does 'T' Mean in a Golf Score?


    A golf handicap is a computerized rating of a golfer's past performance. Golfers post their scores into a computer, and the system reviews the scores each month. A complex rating system assigns each golfer a number that is designated as a handicap. The lower the number, the better the player.

Single-Digit Handicappers

    Golfers with handicaps below 10, such as a "2 handicap" are referred to as "single-digit handicappers" and are considered to be excellent players.

Types of Tournaments

    In order to record a 'T' score, the golfer must have played in an organized tournament. That excludes casual rounds of golf with friends and others. Scores from those golf outings can still be entered for handicap purposes but can not carry the 'T' designation.

Posting Tournament Scores

    Golfers who maintain handicaps are required to post scores for each round of golf they play. Tournament scores must include the 'T' designation.

Other Considerations

    Most golf clubs allow players to post their scores online or in person at the golf course.

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