How to Decorate & Display Vintage Felt Pennants


Among sports fanatics, pennants are very collectable memorabilia. Pennants can show your affection for certain teams, announce your alma mater or even mark key seasons in a school’s athletic history. Like most collectibles, you don’t want to leave pennants out in everyday environs where they can be damaged. Knowing how to decorate and display vintage felt pennants can leave them looking better for longer.

Remove all of your old vintage pennants from storage. Lay them flat. Iron them if necessary on a low setting to avoid burning the thin felt material.

Locate a place to hang a bunting banner made from your vintage pennants. Hang hooks to attach your pennant banner. Measure and cut a piece of twine to hang between the two hooks. Clip your vintage banners to the piece of twine at regular intervals. Use the fold-over style of paper clips to attach the pennants to the twine. Avoid using glue or staples so you can preserve the condition of the pennants.

Use additional pennants clipped together as window valances. To avoid having your pennants fade in natural light, consider pinning the pennants to a fabric valance first, or add a fabric backing to the pennant with an iron-on fusible web. You can find these items at sewing and crafting supply stores.

Purchase large photo frames or poster frames. Choose one or two coordinating pennants and place them in a frame with a mat. For a larger collection, use a poster size frame that will hold three or four pennants. Cover the framed cardboard insert with a coordinating fabric before placing the pennants in the frame.

Place vintage pennants flat on a nightstand or coffee table and set a piece of glass on top of them to protect from spills. A glass display case, though costly, will also protect while displaying your pennants.

Add your own collected memorabilia to your pennants. Pin vintage buttons or ticket stubs to the pennant for added decor.

Bring new life to your vintage pennants by adding a colorful binding around the edges with a pre-made fabric bias tape. Lay the pennant on a flat surface. Beginning at a top corner, slide the pennant into the bias tape fold. Pin the binding to the pennant. Make your way around the pennant until you have reached the top on the other side. Stitch the bias tape into place or use craft glue. Fold the binding in to make a mitered pleat on the bottom point of the pennant.


Use a felt fabric to lay the pennants on when using them in large frames. Using another felt fabric will help the pennants hold to the felt without using pins, glues or clips in most cases.