Description of the Game of Soccer

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Soccer is a game played in most countries worldwide. It is played between two teams each trying to score more goals (points) than the opposition. The game is officiated by a referee and two assistants.

Time Periods

The game is played for two halves of 45 minutes each, with a team playing a half at each end. At the end of each half, a small period of time may be added by the referee to account for any time lost to stoppages.


Soccer teams consist of 11 players on each side, plus substitutes (in-game replacements).

Areas of Play

The game is played on a rectangular pitch divided into two halves with goalposts at each end. if the ball goes off the sides, then a throw-in is awarded; if it goes off the end, a corner or goal kick is awarded, depending on which side touched the ball last.


The ball may only be controlled by field players with the legs, chest or head. Goalkeepers may control the ball with their hands. The ball may be passed in any direction and players must attempt to play the ball, not the man, keeping contact to a minimum.


Goals are scored by kicking or heading the ball into the opposition's goal net.