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How To Display Antique Golf Clubs

    Find an area in your home where you want to put your golf clubs on display. Make sure you choose a place where they can be seen regularly. You do not want to hide them in the corner of a room that people rarely use. If you have a room with a pool table or any type of "sports room," this would be an excellent place to put your golf clubs on display.

    Clean your equipment before you display it. Use furniture polish to clean the wooden parts of your vintage clubs. Soap and water will clean any iron parts on the clubs. If you are also displaying a bag with your clubs, you should use basic leather cleaner in order to clean it.

    Install shelves in the area where you are displaying your golf clubs. Use these shelves for other various golfing memorabilia. Although the main focus of the display will be the golf clubs, you might also want to include golf balls, tees or golf tools.

    Buy display cases for the very important or valuable items. The display cases will bring attention to the importance of the clubs as well as keep them protected. There are a wide variety of cases available. Depending on your budget, you might want to get more expensive glass cases. Less expensive cases are also available.

    Decide if you want to have your golf clubs restored. Restoration might be expensive, but it will improve the look of your equipment. You can clean and polish the equipment on your own, but you might want to leave actual restoration to the professionals.

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  • In order to prevent any accidental damage, antique golf clubs should be displayed in an area where small children and pets are not likely to be.

Things Needed

  • Shelves
  • Furniture polish
  • Soap and water
  • Golf club(s)

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