How to Do Core and Abs Workouts on the Bowflex Revolution

How to Do Core and Abs Workouts on the Bowflex Revolution. The Bowflex Revolution home gym is good for strength training. In addition to cardio workouts, you can work out many different muscle groups, including the upper and lower body. There are three different ways you can do core and abs workouts on the Bowflex Revolution--the ab crunch, the resisted ab crunch and the trunk rotation. Read on to learn how to do core and abs workout on the Bowflex Revolution.

Do the Ab Crunch

Decide which way to position yourself on the Bowflex Revolution. Position yourself with your head and shoulders at the leg extension end for a slightly easier workout.

Start with your hands crossed over your chest at first. If your head and neck get tired, then you can move your hands behind your head for support.

Tighten your stomach. Use that tension to contract. Pull your torso up toward your pelvis. Crunch the area from your pelvis to your ribs as you pull up.

Lower your torso slowly so as to continue adding resistance as you do. Repeat as many times as you can.

Do the Resisted Ab Crunch

Set the Bowflex Revolution at an incline. Grab the resistance and curl it in.

Collapse your forearms and fists against your ribs and shoulders. During this particular core and abs workout on the Bowflex Revolution, you should not be working any arm muscles at all.

Tighten your abdominal muscles. Pull your torso up toward your pelvis using only your abdominal muscles. Remember that this is a crunch, rather than a full sit-up, so don't pull up too far. The lower back should not leave the bench.

Maintain tension as you lower your torso back to the bench. Repeat the motion as you are able.

Do the Trunk Rotation

Stand next to the Bowflex Revolution. Adjust the arm to position three and grab the resistance.

Pull the resistance across a horizontal plane, twisting your trunk as you go. Put some movement of the lower extremities into the motion.

Raise the arm to position one and do a diagonal rotation on the next set of repetitions. This works out a different portion of your abdominal muscles.

Move to the other side of the bench and repeat Steps 2 and 3 from the other angle.