How to Do Deadlifts on a Bowflex

Dead lifts develop your overall strength. Specific targeted muscle groups of dead lifts include your glutes, back and legs. They also develop your core stability and enhance your ability to grip. You can perform dead lifts on The Bowflex exercise machine by setting it up properly with the desired weight. Your Bowflex home gym includes all of the necessary components.

Set up your Bowflex for dead lifts. Connect the low pulley to the power rods using the clips attached to the pulleys. Afterward, connect the straight bar to the low pulley using the clips on the end of the straight bar.

Set the weight. You should start at a low weight to learn the procedure in a safe manner. Generally, 100 will be a good starting point. You may wish to start at 50 pounds if you feel more comfortable with that.

Bend down and firmly grip the straight bar with both hands. Keep your hands about shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight as you straighten your legs. You will end up in a fully upright position, with your entire body forming a straight line and your hands still firmly gripping the straight bar.

Reverse the motion. Bend your knees and keep your back straight. Once you've returned to the position of the straight bar on the ground with your knees bent, you can continue the exercise by straightening your legs and standing upright again. The number of times you repeat this will vary based upon your fitness level. You should start with around eight repetitions.