How to Fix a Nordictrack Power Problem


Many NordicTrack machines are electrically powered; they are not manual machines that run because you power them with your movements. This means that if there is a power outage at the place you are exercising or if there is an electrical problem, you can no longer use your machine. Depending on what type of NordicTrack machine you have, and what model, the way to restore power may vary, but there are some fixes that are universal. There is always the possibility that the only way to get your machine going again is to call for service, but you might be able to save yourself some money by running through a troubleshooting checklist first.

Press the buttons on the console and pedal an elliptical or stationary bike. On some models, pedaling for a few seconds may get the power to turn on.

Check that the “On” button is pressed. Usually the “On” button is located near where the power cord inserts into the frame. Flip the switch into the “On” position. The display should light up if this was the problem.

Flip the circuit breaker on. A circuit breaker will stick out when it is tripped, which will prevent the power from going on. The circuit breaker is a small switch usually on the back of the machine, but you can consult your manual if you are having trouble finding the switch. Wait for five minutes after the power goes out or you discover that the breaker has been tripped before pressing the circuit breaker switch back into place, as recommended by the NordicTrack CXT 990 and the NordicTrack Commercial ZS user's manuals.

Push the power plug in all the way. Ensure that the power plug is in a grounded outlet. Consult an electrician if you do not know if the outlet is properly grounded. Use an adapter temporarily until an electrician can come and fix your outlet if it is not grounded.

Remove the key from the console and then replace it completely.


If your machine has been exposed to cold temperatures, allow the machine to warm up to room temperature before attempting to turn the machine on, as advised by the NordicTrack Autostrider 990 Pro user's manual.

Call the NordicTrack customer care for help at 1-888-936-4266 if nothing you attempt gets the machine to turn on again.