What Are the Duties of a Soccer Manager?

Many soccer coaches assign their team managers the duties of helping to complete, maintain and organize the necessary tasks of scheduling, paperwork and communications to allow the coaches ample time to focus on coaching the players. Soccer managers have many assigned duties, but these duties will vary from team to team.


One duty of a soccer team manager is completing and submitting all of the necessary paperwork for the club. Some of the required paperwork includes individual player registration forms, registering coaches, team applications, collecting fees and ordering the team uniforms.

Open Communication

Another important aspect of a team manager is keeping the lines of communication open between players, parents and coaches. This means checking emails and telephone messages on a constant basis and responding promptly. Some teams opt to have team websites developed as a means of communication while others use written documents, the email system or telephone calls; but regardless of the communication system used, the team manager usually maintains this system.

Maintaining Important Documents

Soccer is a sport that requires all players to have player pass cards that contain important information; and without the card, players cannot play in scheduled events. Each player pass card has the player's registration number, date of birth, club name, team name, age group and a photo ID. Many clubs require these cards to be laminated. The manager needs to these pass cards readily available for the referee's inspection at each game and tournament.

Tournament Requirements

Many team managers will complete all of the necessary applications and submit all of the required documents to register for tournaments. Since many tournaments require copies of birth certificates and player pass card numbers for all players, managers will have a file with all of this information readily available. Some team managers will also spend time finding and reserving hotel rooms for teams to stay in while traveling to an out-of-town tournament.

Team Finances

Some teams are required to have financial backing to pay referees, tournament fees, coaches, field rentals and much more. Many team managers will oversee these financial accounts that are set-up for the teams and create team budgets to inform all involved parties of the financial needs. Managers must be organized enough to keep accurate financial logs and pay financial obligations in a timely manner.