Easton Cushion Bat Grip Installation

Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images

Easton cushion bat grip is designed to provide a firm grip surface and absorb the shock from impact between the bat and ball when struck. Bat grip is used on a baseball or softball bat to provide a secure method of gripping the bat as it is swung. A grip is installed on the bat by the manufacturer; however, due to normal use it will eventually need to be replaced.

Peel the old worn grip off a bat so the Easton cushion grip can be installed. Use a knife, if necessary, to help remove the old grip. Use caution to not damage the bat as the grip is removed if a knife is used.

Wipe the bat down with denatured alcohol and a rag to remove any remaining wrap material or residue. Allow the bat to dry before the installation is continued.

Hold the Easton cushion grip so the angled, or biased, end aligns with the base of the knob on the end of the bat.

Pull the protective backing from the cushion grip and wrap the Easton cushion grip around the bat so that each wrap overlaps the previous one by 1/4-inch.

Continue to spiral wrap the bat handle with the Easton cushion grip until all of the grip is installed. Wrap the end of the cushion grip with finish tape if desired.