Exercises to Do at Your Desk Marching in Place While Sitting

Interval Marching

    While sitting at your desk, keep your feet flat on the floor. Begin to march slowly by lifting and lowering a leg one at a time. Every 30 seconds, begin to pick up your pace. After three minutes, try to maintain a rapid march for at least 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat for three to four intervals.

Marching Leg Extensions

    For this exercise, make sure you have room to extend your legs in front of you. You will start by sitting and marching in place. Begin marching on your right leg and count one. Continue marching and count two for your left leg and three for your right leg. On four, extend the left leg and lift it out in front of you. Return to marching and repeat for your right leg.

Leg Lifts

    Leg lifts are a great chair exercise to get your heart pumping. Keep your back straight and hands on your waist as you perform this exercise. March for a count of ten steps. Then for the next ten steps, extend the legs up and out in front of you, alternating each leg. Repeat.

V Marches with Arm Extensions

    This exercise will incorporate arm movements to help raise the heart rate. Start by sitting in your chair with your hands on your waist. As you march, you will move your legs to each side and bring them back in. As each leg goes out to the side, extend the arm out to the side. When your leg comes in for the march, bring your arm in to your waist. Repeat and continue for three to four minutes.

Calf Raises

    This exercise can be done as a warm-up or as a cool down at the end of your chair exercises. March slowly in place for one minute. Keep your toes on the floor and alternate lifting your right and left heels off the floor. Repeat and continue for two minutes.

Toe Taps

    March slowly in place for one minute. Keep both heels on the floor and tap your toes as though you were marching. Be sure to lift the toes as high as you can without lifting the heels off the floor. Continue tapping for one minute or until your shins get tired.

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