How to Fade a Karate Black Belt

    Step 1

    Wash it many times. The black dye in karate belts can fade after washing and it will eventually turn to a shade of dark gray. Use a harsh laundry detergent that has no color protection or anti-fade ingredients and use the hottest water settings possible. Wash it over and over again until you get the desired results.

    Step 2

    Scrub it. In a sink or large tub, scrub the belt using a brush with stiff bristles, such as a fingernail brush. You will have to scrub it and rinse it many times to see the desired results. Use a harsh laundry detergent and hot water. Heat helps to fade color.

    Step 3

    Let it sit in the sun. Lay the belt out on an old towel or blanket in the sun on a very hot day. Turn it over regularly. You may have to do it many times, but eventually the sun will fade the rich color from the black belt.

    Step 4

    Wait. After many years of hard practice and washings, the black belt will fade naturally. While it may be possible to fake a faded black belt, you will have more respect for yourself and your accomplishments if you wait for it to fade over time.

Things Needed

  • Harsh laundry detergent
  • Scrub brush (optional)
  • Large tub (optional)

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