Filling a Waterbase Basketball Hoop with Antifreeze

Snowy Basketball court

NBA legend Larry Bird forged his unforgettable shot through nasty Indiana winters. His only ball would wither and warp in the cold and he'd leave it near the stove to reconstitute. Making an NBA-worthy commitment through the frigid weather requires a winter-proof basket, but you need to check with your manufacturer before filling the base of your hoop with antifreeze.

Freeze-proof Your Hoop

Antifreeze prevents the water in the base of your moveable outdoor hoop from freezing. Some manufacturers warn against the use of antifreeze, saying the plastic base is designed to expand with freezing water. They warn that antifreeze poses a health risk to pets and children and that a leak could prove fatal, especially to pets who enjoy its sweet taste. Manufacturers who do recommend the use of antifreeze say to dilute it, mixing an adequate amount of antifreeze with water. But make sure to check regularly for leaks and to replace the solution with water in spring. Check your hoop manufacturer's website for winter-proofing recommendations.