How to Fix Slippery Basketball Shoes


Basketball requires quick movements and fast feet. However, if your shoes aren't up to par, and the court is a little dusty, you could find yourself slipping out when you go to make a quick turn. A trusty basketball shoe is all about traction.

How to Fix Slippery Basketball Shoes

Keep the tread of the shoe clean and dry. Be sure to wash the sole regularly. When you notice the shoe starting to slide out, rinse the sole with mildly soapy water and dry with a paper towel.

In a pinch, you can spit on your hand and wipe the bottom of your shoe.

Use sticky mats on the sides of the court. These keep your shoes free of dirt and dust. Usually the mats are made of peelable plastic, so when one sheet is full of dirt, you can peel it off, then step onto the next sheet to clean your shoes.

Sweep the court with a large broom as often as possible to minimize dust and dirt.

Buy new basketball shoes. If there is no tread left on the soles, no amount of cleaning will recover the traction you need. It's better to invest in a new pair of shoes than to risk injury or slipping on the court.


Don't use shoe traction or other sticky sprays that help renew the grip on the shoe. They work well at first, but then pick up all the dust and dirt on the floor, making the traction even worse than before.