How to Fix Sticking Bowling Shoes

A sticky bowling shoe -- one that doesn't slide properly on the bowling alley's polished hardwood floor -- can drastically affect your game. Fixing a sticking bowling shoe requires a thorough cleaning of the sole. Once you have fixed the stickiness problem, make a habit of regularly cleaning your bowling shoes immediately after each use. Cleaning your shoes often ensures dirt and other substances, which are the leading culprits of sticky shoes, will not build up on their soles. If you do not own bowling shoes and only rent, and you find your rental shoes are sticking, ask the bowling attendant to clean or switch out sticking shoes.

Fill a small bucket with hot water.

Wet the cloth with water, then ring it out.

Rub the wet cloth on the bottom of your shoe. Focus only on the dirty spots. If you get an extra-dirty spot, then scrub harder.

Wipe the slide strip gently to avoid damaging it.

Switch shoes, cleaning only the dirty spots and slide strip on the second shoe. When done, the bottoms of each shoe should look almost brand new.


Use bowling-shoe booties when not walking on the lanes. Booties help reduce dirt and substance buildup.