How to Fix the Trucks of a Skateboard

skateboard image by Stanislav Komogorov from

Skateboard enthusiasts, at one point or another, have either broken a board or had to perform some sort of repair or modification. Typically, the skateboard trucks are the mechanism in most need of repair. They will become loose over time, and bushings within the truck can become compressed, cracked or broken. If the axle or truck hanger becomes damaged, the only option is to replace the trucks. However, if the truck bushing or kingpin is the cause of any problems, these can be fixed with basic tools.

Flip the board upside down, and locate the kingpin on the trucks. The kingpin is the large bolt at the truck center.

Remove the kingpin with a skate key or hexagonal wrench and take off the truck hanger. The hanger is the top piece which holds the axle and wheels.

Pull off the bushing and inspect it for cracks. If the bushing is noticeably damaged, dirty or warped, then it needs replacement.

Replace the hanger and tighten the kingpin back securely. Wiggle the trucks slightly to see if they are secure. If the trucks are loose, tighten the four bolts attaching them to the board, then check again. The trucks should be tight and secure at this point.


Soft bushings are available for skateboarders who desire sharper and harder turns, and are better for most trick skateboarding. Harder bushings are harder to turn.


Ensure that you wear appropriate safety equipment when skateboarding such as elbow and knee pads, as well as a helmet.