Fun Basketball Games for PE


Gym class, also known as physical education or “PE,” is a time when students can stretch their arms and legs and burn off some of the energy that has been building from sitting at a desk all day. Common activities in PE include sports such as basketball or volleyball. These traditional games may become boring. To spice up a PE day using basketballs, consider playing some alternative games.

Around the World

Around the World is a shooting game designed to improve a player’s shooting skills. At least two players are required to play this game; more players may be added and teams can be utilized. At the start of the game, mark six locations around the basketball court. Typically, the first location is at the baseline and the locations move outward and around the key. The goal is to make baskets at each location. Players advance to the next location after they make a shot. The first player to make it all the way around the key--and thereby all the way around the “world”--wins. Consider adding variations such as second chances. Games-for-All-Reasons suggests allowing a player who misses a shot to take a second crack at it, but if the player misses his second shot, he must go back to the beginning.

Line Basketball

Teaching Ideas suggests playing the basketball-variation Line Basketball. This game mainly utilizes passing abilities and has a slight focus on shooting skills. Divide the class into two teams and line them up parallel to each other at the center of the court. Assign each person a number. Place two basketballs in the center between the two lines. Call out two numbers; those students must race to grab one of the basketballs. After the players retrieve the ball, they must throw chest passes to teammates down their line toward the basket. The last player in line attempts a shot. The first team to make a shot earns one point. The person who shot the ball goes to the other end of the line and the game repeats.

Dribble Mania

Lesson Plans Page recommends for PE class Dribble Mania, which focuses on dribbling and ball-handling skills. Each player must have a basketball to use. Square off a relatively small area on the basketball court; the area must have enough room for at least four people to dribble. Mark the area with cones. Players enter the area and must dribble the basketball without losing control. At the same time, the players must attempt to knock other players’ basketballs out of the square. Play continues until one player is left in the square.