How Does a Gas Golf Cart Work?

Golf carts have made an extreme impact on the game of golf. Walking the course used to take a long time and a lot of your energy. Golf carts give you the ability to ride around in a comfortable car and finish your round quicker. Golf carts come in a variety of models and power methods. Gas-powered carts were the first to hit the market.


Gas-powered golf carts use a gas engine similar to that of a car but on a much smaller scale. Golf carts average a horsepower of 11 and max out at about 15 miles per hour. Some golf carts can make it to 25 miles per hour if they're used on a and not on a golf course. They usually come with low-emission engines with a single cylinder. They also only have a 1-quart oil capacity with splash lubrication.


To operate a gas golf cart, start the ignition. Make sure that the parking brake is pushed all the way down or the engine will not start. Golf carts only come with forward and reverse gears. They usually have a lever or a button that allows you to switch from forward to reverse and back again. When you step on the pedal, the cart takes a second to initiate and then powers forward with a sometimes startling jolt. Golf carts are also very prone to tipping, so be gentle when going around turns. Always make sure the brake locks (parking brake mode) before exiting a golf cart.