How to Program Speed Modification on an Electric Yamaha Golf Cart


Golf carts are seen in use not only on golf courses, but also in large estates, parks and malls around the world. Electric Yamaha golf carts now come in a variety of models, and they can be tinkered with to increase their speed beyond the 10 to 15 miles per hour allowed by the manufacturer. You can modify the speed of an electric Yamaha golf cart in a variety of ways, enabling it to get you from place to place faster than ever before.

Lift the seat on your Yamaha electric cart and locate the T-shaped governor in the cart's electric engine. This piece is a metal rod located near the top of the motor, just underneath the seat.

Locate the carburetor, right next to the governor, on the engine. The carburetor features cylinders facing toward the governor, on the top and on the bottom.

Push the governor towards the carburetor and use duct tape or a rubber band to position the governor as close to the carburetor as possible. Place the seat back down and notice the increased speed.