Gift Ideas for Wrestlers

Gym Membership

    Like boxers, it is imperative wrestlers stay in top shape. Wrestlers are grouped by weight classes so one wrestler does not have a weight advantage over another. Wrestlers spend a lot of time in the gym building muscle and cutting weight to be exactly where they need to be for matches. Purchase a gym membership for the wrestler. If he already has a gym membership, pay for a number of months so he does not have to incur that expense.

Magazine Subscriptions

    Several magazines cover the sport. They detail articles about how best to train, to cut weight, wrestling techniques and maneuvers, and cover matches occurring around the globe. Wrestling USA and W.I.N. offer online and print editions of their work. Both magazines are published monthly throughout the year.


    The equipment associated with wrestling is fairly basic. However, with all that time on the mat, items wear out with consistent use. Ideas for equipment gifts include singlets, mouth guards, helmets and wrestling shoes. If you are not sure of the size, ask the wrestler's parent to help you out. Other apparel ideas include warm-up pants, jackets and sweatshirts. If the wrestler belongs to a certain school team, you purchase apparel from the school store. If you are not sure what to buy, purchase a gift certificate to a sporting goods store.


    Purchase tickets to an upcoming wrestling match in the area. High-school and collegiate seasons extend from the end of November through early April. Find local colleges and universities in your area and purchase tickets to an event being held nearby. This makes a great gift for a high-school student thinking of wrestling in college who wants to check out some of the local programs.

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