How to Hang a Heavy Bag from a Steel I-Beam


Heavy bags are excellent tools to use when training in martial arts, boxing, sword fighting or other defense techniques. Often, prefabricated stands are available to hold the bag. However, these stands can require more space or money than is available. In such cases, beams and rafters present a tantalizing option for hanging heavy bags. Steel I-beams are the best option as they are designed to support weights far in excess of the heaviest boxing bag.

Determine the location to hang the bag. Consider areas where the steel I-beam is strongest, such as near a corner or wall, instead of the less-supported middle. Remember heavy bags require space. Leave at least a 5-foot radius around them.

Attach the I-beam hanger. Unwind the screw's nut enough to clamp both sides of the hanger over the beam's flange. Tighten the nut until the hanger is firm.

Position the bag under the clamp. Support the bag on a solid surface or chair to raise it above the floor. Connect support straps or chains to the heavy bag's braces.

Connect the S-hook to the heavy bag's support straps. Hang the S-hook from the hanger. Remove any surfaces from beneath the heavy bag, allowing the bag to hang freely. The bag's label should be eye-level. Adjust the support straps or add additional chain between the hanger and bag to achieve proper height.

Test the bag with punches, kicks or jabs. Make height adjustments as necessary.

Position the punching bag mount on the floor beneath the bag. Fill the mount with sand or water per instructions.

Connect one end of chain or support strap to the mount's D-ring with an S-hook. Connect the chain or support strap's other end to the heavy bag's anchoring O-ring with another S-hook.

Test the bag with harder punches, jabs or kicks to verify it will not slide along the I-beam.

Close the S-hooks with pliers to achieve full working load capacity.


To reduce shock to the I-beam, insert a heavy bag spring or swivel between the support straps and the hanger.