High School Cheerleading Regulations and Rules in Pennsylvania

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Cheerleading is a competitive sport incorporating tumbling, routines, jumps and dance. In Pennsylvania cheerleading is not regulated by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Associate (PIAA), but most schools still follow the PIAA guidelines for cheerleading along with other sports. The Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference also provides a list of safety regulations that need to be followed by all Pennsylvania high school cheerleading teams.


In order for high school cheerleaders to be eligible to cheer at athletic events and/or participate in competitions there are several regulations for eligibility. Before any activity with the team begins, all athletes much undergo a physical examination and be cleared for participation in the activity. Also, before joining the cheerleading team, a parental consent form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The cheerleader must be enrolled in the school of the cheerleading team, and be present on days of competition in order to be eligible.


According to the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC), a cheerleading coach or advisor must be present at all practices, games and competitions. The coach or advisor must be certified in first aid and CPR. Proper equipment and spotting measures and training are a must for cheerleading coaches. To stay within the safety regulations, cheerleading coaches must understand their squads ability and limit the squad's activity accordingly.


During practice, in accordance with the PSAC, cheerleaders must engage in a stretching routine before beginning activity. The cheerleaders also must take part in a strengthening program. Skills that have not been perfected should not be attempted by the cheerleaders during practice. The use of mini-trampolines and certain lifts are prohibited.