How to Get Higher Leg Extensions


Leg extensions are an important skill in performing ballet moves such as grande jetes and developes. Leg flexibility and strength are required to get higher leg extensions. Perform a variety of stretches daily to improve your flexibility. As your extensions and range of motion improve, you need to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles to provide a support for your extensions.

Practice your 180 degree split on the ground for at least three minutes every day. Maintain good form by straightening your knees, pointing your toes and turning out. Once you have mastered the ground split you can place your front foot on top of increasingly high stacked objects to get a deeper stretch.

Use the reciprocal inhibition method to stretch your leg muscles. Lay on your back, straighten one leg and pull it toward your face until you feel a stretch feeling. Hold this position until the muscle releases, usually half a minute. Try to push your leg away from your face for five seconds while resisting the push with contracted leg muscles. Repeat this process three times.

Place one leg on top of a barre or a kitchen counter. A barre is a stationary handrail used for warm up during ballet classes. Stretch your leg to the front and then to the side. Bend forward from your waist to your back. Improve your extension endurance by trying to raise your leg off the counter or barre for eight seconds.