How to Attach Knee Savers to Shinguards

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A study published in "Arthritis Care and Research" in 2008, knee osteoarthritis is on the rise. The study suggests half the people will develop knee osteoarthritis before they reach age 85. Taking added precautions while living an active lifestyle can save on unnecessary wear and tear. In baseball, knee savers are an extra piece of equipment that can be easily attached or detached from leg guards for added knee protection. While a growing number of baseball catchers are using this equipment, some controversy exists over the knee savers or as they are more commonly called knee wedges.

Remove the lowest straps on each leg guard. If these straps are crossed through an X-strap support, remove both straps from the X-strap supports.

Guide the strap through the D loop on the knee saver on the same side as the strap is attached..The knee saver has two rings on each side, two on the left and two on the right side. First, the strap goes through the upper left ring, then attach lower left ring. Next, attach the opposite side in the same manner. Start with the strap attching to the upper right ring and finally connecting the lower right ring.

The thickest wedge part of the knee saver points toward the heel. Adjust the length of the leg guard straps so the knee saver is held securely to the back of the lower leg while being used.

The directions for attaching knee savers are the same for all major brands. Sizes vary from small to large. This gives a range from youth to adult size players. Choose the knee saver that best fits to the back of lower leg. This method applies to both male and female players.


Hand wash knee savers with mild detergent and air dry.