How to Put on Soccer Socks

Footballer on pitch adjusting socks, low section, low angle view

Although it might seem obvious to the outsider, putting on soccer socks -- a deceptively essential part of the footballer's uniform -- is actually quite a bit more complicated than slipping on your day-to-day toe-warmers. The process varies a bit depending on the type of shin guards, a sort of leg-protecting soccer pad mandatory in most matches, you use. Once the socks are on properly, you can also employ some tips and tricks to keep them secure and comfortable.

Select a pair of soccer socks that completely cover your shin guards. Typically, properly fitting socks reach just below the knee.

Secure your shin guards to your shins before putting on your socks if your guards have straps, such as cloth fasteners. If wearing shin guards that require a sleeve, put the sleeve on over the shin guard before you put on your socks.

Slip your socks on after you secure your strapped shin guards, but before putting on your cleats. Identify the toe stitching and make sure it faces up. Hold the sock open at its top and insert your foot toes-first as you pull the opening up toward your knee and over your shin guard. Pull the sock up until it is wrinkle-free and completely covers your shin guard, the latter of which is a law of the game. Repeat for the next foot.

Insert your shin guards between your socks and shins if you're wearing strapless shin guards that do not require a sleeve. For extra stability, secure the shin guards with athletic tape at the top and bottom of the guard on the outside of your socks.

Roll or fold the top of the sock down to the top of the shin guard if it covers your knee, to allow full range of knee movement.

Add an under layer, such as thin ankle socks, if it's more comfortable for you or improves the fit of your cleats. If your strapless shin guard doesn't include a sleeve, use a pair of snug socks instead.


Always bring an extra pair of socks to the match -- this lets you replace wet socks during halftime in the event of rain.

Choose socks of moisture-wicking material to keep your feet cool and dry throughout your 90 minutes on the pitch.