How to Lose Arm Fat Fast by Machine


Regardless of size, nearly everyone has fat in an undesired spot. If your undesired spot is in your arms, don’t give up. Although arm fat can be resistant, it is possible to beat it. Keep in mind, though, that you can't spot-reduce, even if you use machines that target the arms. You must reduce fat in your entire body if you want to lose arm fat. Implement a cardio and diet plan to lose fat fast, then start toning with machines for shapely arms.

Perform 30 to 60 minutes of cardio exercise daily. Run or jog on the treadmill, swim laps or bike on a stationary bicycle to burn unwanted fat.

Create a calorie deficit. Reduce your diet by 500 calories each day, for a total of 3,500 calories each week, to lose 1 pound per week.

Tone your arms on the Smith machine. Lie on your back on the machine with your feet flat on the floor and your chest under the barbell. Place your hands on the barbell. Your palms should be facing the wall in front of you. Lift the barbell up and straighten your arms. Lower the barbell until your elbows reach the level of your chest. Lift the barbell back up. Repeat 12 times to work your triceps and chest.

Target your arms using a bicep curl machine. Sit on the machine and place the back of your upper arms against the cushions. Grab onto the handle bars. Pull the handle bars toward you, bringing your hands toward your ears. Straighten your arms. Repeat 12 times to work your biceps.

Shape arms muscles using a bench-press machine. Sit down on the machine and move the seat until the handles are in line with the middle of your chest. Grab onto the handles. Push your arms forward until they are straight, without locking your elbows. Bend your elbows and slowly lower the handles back to the starting position. Repeat 15 times to work your arms and chest.

Tighten arm muscles on the cable tower machine. Sit on the machine and grab onto the handle of the low pulley cable. Place your knees about 1-foot apart with your feet flat on the floor. Place your elbow on your inner thigh. Straighten your arm. Bend your elbow, bringing the handle to your shoulder. Straighten your arm, lowering the handle. Repeat 12 times to work your brachialis.


Warm up and cool down by walking or jogging for 10 minutes before and after the toning exercises.

Perform three sets of the toning exercises at least three times per week.

After cooling down, stretch your arms and chest.


Talk to your doctor before starting a weight loss program.