How to Make a Shoulder Immobilizer Sling


Hurting or dislocating a shoulder can be very painful. Since it's also very difficult to immobilize with a cast, many injured shoulders are put into slings. You can keep the patient comfortable and toward a speedy recovery, doing it yourself in a low-cost way with bandages in just few minutes time.

Create Your Sling

Place the elastic bandage 2 to 3 inches below the shoulder in the middle of the outside of the injured arm.

Wrap the bandage underneath the arm twice, going toward the direction of the back. For example, if focusing on the right arm, you would wrap toward the left and vice versa. Wrapping the bandage twice will help keep the bandage in place.

Wrap the bandage across the back and under the opposite arm. Continue wrapping across the chest, coming across the top of the injured shoulder.

Fasten additional bandages, as needed, to complete the wrapping process.

Continue wrapping the bandage from the top of the shoulder, around the back, under the arm, across the chest, and finally around the hurt arm just above the elbow.

Bring the bandage around the back again and under the opposite arm and secure it with bandage fasteners under the arm or across the chest.


Seek medical help if pain persists.