How to Wrap a Shoulder With Ace Bandages

Shoulder injuries can be a nuisance because they can limit the movement of the entire injured arm. You may have to sleep uncomfortably, and above all, if you're an athlete, you won't be able to perform the same way as you normally would, if you're able to perform at all. Some injuries, like bruises or cuts can be ignored, but a shoulder injury can impede motion in the entire arm until it heals. To help with the healing, you can start by wrapping the shoulder with an Ace bandage to immobilize it so that the injury isn't aggravated.

Wrap the Ace bandage around the shoulder, starting at the shoulder blade and going under the arm at least two times so that the bandage doesn't unravel. The objective is to limit movement, not impede movement altogether, so don't wrap the bandage too tightly.

Wrap the bandage around your body, bringing it under your opposite arm and across your chest.

Cycle the bandage the way Step 1 and Step 2 advise until there is no bandage left.

Tuck the end of the bandage inside of the wrapping so that it doesn't come apart. You can also secure it with a safety pin.

Apply ice wrapped in a cloth to the injured shoulder for twenty minutes every two or three hours, if necessary. The ice will limit swelling and allow the injury to heal a little faster.