How to Measure Weights on a Barbell at the Gym

Man holding weight in gym

To track your strength training progress, you need to know how much you're lifting at the gym. Some pieces of equipment tell you the exact weight, but in the case of barbells, you'll need to do a bit of math. Use the weight of the bar and the plates to measure the total weight of the barbell.

Find out the weight of the bar. Olympic bars weigh 45 pounds, while regular bars can vary in weight. If you are uncertain of the bar's weight ask one of the gym employees how much it weighs.

Read the weight of each of the plates that you put on the bar. The weight should be listed on the side of each plate.

Add up the weight of all the plates you put on the bar. For example, if you used two 5-pound plates and two 10-pound plates, you would have 30 pounds of plates.

Add the weight of the plates to the weight of the bar. For example, if you have 30 pounds of plates on a 45-pound bar, your total barbell weight would be 75 pounds.