How to Negotiate a Membership at Equinox


Equinox is a high end gym and physical fitness center. For a monthly fee, members can take part in a variety of classes and services with trained professionals. They also enjoy the perks of a luxurious atmosphere for the price of membership. To avoid paying hefty fees to join Equinox, there are several tricks to negotiating your monthly rate, introductory fees and other expenses.

Do some research online at the Equinox website and your preferred search engine. Like many companies, Equinox often offers promotional membership discounts. If you are an American Express card holder or a member of a corporate discount plan, you may qualify for a discount on membership. Joining around a holiday can also save you money, as many times the initial fees are waived in honor of special occasions.

Don't be ashamed to "name drop". Take advantage of friends or family members who have joined, and ask for a friend or family discount. Make a deal with your friend or family member to split their commission between the two of you if Equinox awards the benefits to the existing member.

Apply promotional offers to your membership. Sign up for a free trial, often mailed out in Equinox's marketing materials, or available by request during an in-person visit. Use the free time to save on membership before activating your payment plan as a registered member.

Stop by your nearest Equinox location. Armed with your research, be sure to inform the consultant of all eligible discounts. Ask the staff what they are offering for new member incentives and savings. If you are an existing member, ask for discounts and promotions on the anniversary of your yearly membership date.

Make friends with the staff. Staying informed can give you an inside track on hidden discounts, sometimes offered as perks. Stay persistent in asking what specials are being offered and if you participate in added services, such as spa or private coaching, ask your specialist if they can offer you any loyalty incentives.