How to Wear a Cricket Guard

Cricket player at bat, New York City

Like many sports, cricket is played with equipment such as sticks and balls that can come into contact with a player's body. One vulnerable area on males is, of course, the genital area. Aside from the sheer pain experienced when you get hit there with a hard cricket ball, hits to the groin area can cause damage to the testicles leading to issues with urination, sexual activity and fertility. That's why a cricket guard, also known as a "box" or "cup," is an important piece of sports equipment that needs to be worn correctly.

Remove your pants and underwear. Note that you can put the guard over or under your underwear based on personal preference.

Pull up the cricket guard so that the hard cup-like section is facing forward and centered over your genitals. Adjust yourself so that all parts of your genitals are securely inside the cup.

Adjust the straps on each side using the adjustable clip. Note that some guards may only have an adjustable clip on one side.

Pull your underwear snugly over the guard. Walk around a few minutes and adjust the position of the guard and straps as needed.

Put on your cricket shorts and check again to ensure the guard is comfortable.


Do not play sports without wearing a guard.