How to Tear Athletic Tape

Gymnast girl wrapping wrist

Tearing athletic tape can be a challenge. Even those experienced in wrapping wrists and ankles for athletic competition can have difficulty ripping it apart. Before you attempt to tear athletic tape, make sure that you are using zinc oxide tape, not EAB tape, which requires the use of scissors to cut. Once you have the right tape and you master the technique, tearing athletic tape will easy.

Pull the desired length of athletic tape off the spool.

Keep the length of tape taut by connecting the open end to a fixed object. This will keep the tape from sticking to itself and bunching.

Grasp the tape at the edge of the point at which you want to tear it. Place your thumbs beside each other on one side of the tape. Put your index fingers parallel to your thumbs on the other side of the tape. Squeeze your thumbs and fingers together, pressing tightly against the tape.

Push the tape away with the right hand while pulling it back with the left. The edge of the tape will begin to split. Continue the motion until all the fibers break and the tape segments are separated. Do this quickly to keep the tape from stretching and distorting.