How to Remove Tape From Graphite Shafts

One of the most important components of a golf club is the grip. If your grips are worn out, then your scores will begin to suffer on the course due to the loss of control of your golf shots. Over the life of your clubs, you will need to replace the grips.

If you choose to do the grip replacement yourself, a common problem that arises is removing the grip tape from graphite shafts during the replacement process. Unlike steel shafted clubs, graphite shafts can be damaged much easier during the tape removal process and require special attention.

  1. Heat the golf club you plan to remove the tape from with a heat gun. It should take approximately 10 minutes to heat the shaft. Focus the heat gun on the grip area of the shaft where the tape is located.

  1. Rub down the tape with mineral spirits.

  2. Peel the tape off of the shaft. You can use a knife to lightly scrape the tape off of the shaft if it does not peel off easily by hand.

  1. Wipe the shaft with acetone after you have removed the tape. This will help further clean the shaft, as well as remove the mineral spirit residue.

  1. Repeat the process for each graphite golf shaft requiring tape removal. After you have removed the tape and cleaned the graphite shafts, set the shafts in a clean, dry area to fully dry before adding new tape to the shafts.

  1. Set the club on a workbench or other level surface so the club face is perpendicular to the ground.

  2. Apply double-sided tape to the length of the grips by wrapping the tape around the shaft.

  3. You will need to overlap the tape approximately 1/2 inch past the butt end of the shaft. Repeat this process for each of your clubs, and they will be prepared to have new grips installed.