How to Tighten Loose Skin Hanging From the Triceps

Woman doing triceps exercise with dumbbell

Hanging, loose triceps skin can occur after losing weight -- especially if you neglected weight training and didn’t eat enough protein. Hanging triceps skin can also be blamed on age-related hormone changes and muscle mass loss in both women and men over age 50. However, you don't have to live with flabby upper arms. Choose free weights or gym machine weights and do specific arm exercises three times a week, 30 minutes a session.

Free Weight Exercises

Hold a 5 lb or 10 lb weight, depending on your strength level, in one hand. Extend the arm with the weight over your head and slowly allow it to slide down your back as far as possible in a “back scratch” move. Slowly extend the arm with the weight back over your head. You should feel the pull in the triceps area beneath your arm. Repeat three sets of 12.

Stand up and take a free weight in each hand. Bring your arms down so the weights rest loosely on your thighs as you hold the weights. Starting with one arm, twist your wrist so the weight is facing you and curl your forearm with the weight upward until the weight touches your chest. Ease back to your starting position and complete the curl using your other arm. Repeat three sets of 12, switching arms each lift.

Grasp a free weight in one hand. Bend from your waist and lean your other hand and arm on a bench. Extend the hand with the weight behind you, keeping your shoulder close to your body. You should feel this in the triceps. Repeat three sets of 12, switching arms after each extension.

Machine exercises

Seated triceps extension machine. Set weight pin on a triceps extension machine at 20 to 30 lb., depending on your strength. Position yourself on the seat. Extend your arms down to rest your elbows on the pad, picking up the bar handles. Raise the bar handles in to your chest and extend to down position. Repeat three sets of 12.

Set the weight pin of the seated shoulder press machine at 20 to 30 lb, depending on your strength. Position yourself on the seat. Take hold of the handles and extend the bars upward until your arms are straight over your heard. Repeat three sets of 12.

Standing triceps pull down rope/bar. Set the weight pin at 20-30 depending your strength. Stand in front of the triceps pull down rope (or bar), take hold of the handles and slowly pull down the rope, or bar, until your arms extend completely downward at your side. Repeat 3 sets of 12.


Gradually increase weights as your arms get stronger.

Include a complete healthful diet to ensure you are physically ready for your workout.

Wear good-support athletic shoes to help your posture and balance.

Stretch before you begin your workout.


If your arm muscles become too sore, rest for a few days, then return to your weight routine.