How to Warm Up Biceps


Warming up your biceps before weight training is an important way to prevent injury. While you may think it takes up excess time, improper warm up or failure to do one at all can lead to bicep rips and tears that are very painful. If you are a weight trainer or are interested in weight training, proper bicep warm up is essential to staying injury free. Follow these steps below to learn how to warm up your biceps.

Walk briskly or jog for five minutes on a treadmill or outdoors. Prior to warming up your biceps it’s important to warm up your entire body and get the blood flowing.

Place your palm against a flat wall and press the entire inside of your arm against it up to the shoulder. Turn your chest away from the wall slightly and hold for 20 seconds. Do your other arm then go back and forth stretching each arm a total of six times.

Use a rowing machine set on a low to medium resistance for 10 minutes. Make sure you concentrate on extending and pulling your arms slowly but steadily at first, then buildup to faster rowing.

Remove any weights from the barbell and set aside along with the weight locks. Grasp the barbell with your palms up and hold your arms straight down in front of you, then curl them up towards your chest. Repeat 45 times at a steady pace.


If you don’t have a rowing machine use hand weights to warm up. Stick with weights around 15 to 30 pounds and walk for 10 minutes. Hold the weights in your hands and with each step pull one hand forward palm down straight out in front of you holding the weight. Then with the next step, lower your arm and lift your other one and continue going back and forth between your arms.