How to Install a Bow Sight Recurve


Sights on recurve bows are becoming more popular within the sport of archery, according to Proper installation of a sight onto your bow can make a marked difference in precision shooting. The three main types of sights for recurve bows are the pin sight, the ring sight and the ring and pin combination. Each of these sights attaches to the bow the same way, though each will require a different method of adjustment to find proper shot depth.

Place your bow on its side with the side of the bow on which you will be installing your sight facing upward.

Align your sight so it is facing toward the front of the bow, and line up the holes in the sight with the holes in your riser.

Install the screws through the sight and into the riser using a screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on which type of screws were supplied with the sight, until they hold the sight firmly. Do not tighten them completely just yet.

Place your string level on the string of your bow to make sure your bow is level. Use the level by adding supporting material to the lower side of the bow.

Remove the string level from your bow, being very careful not to move your bow. Place your level on the sight and adjust the sight until it is level. Tighten the screws to the riser.

Adjust the telescoping frame of your sight so your eye does not strain when sighting the bow.

Place an arrow onto the string from where you will fire arrows and sight down the arrow to be certain it will not come into contact with your sight.


Installation of a bow sight is generally done while the bow is strung.


Installation of a peep sight should be done by a professional.