How to Raise the Handlebars on a Mongoose

Mongoose produces a variety of bicycles for both mountain and urban biking enthusiasts. A critical aspect of any bike is the bike being properly fitted to the rider and comfortable. Handlebars can generally be raised or lowered to accommodate different riders. Mongoose bikes are equipped with a threadless headset and stem, which cannot be raised or lowered without the aid of additional parts. A riser stem is the ideal part to use to raise the handlebars, because these stems come in more of a variety of angles and lengths to suit your needs.

Unscrew the bolt at the center of the head-stem where the stem is connected to the headset. This is the point where the handlebars pivot on the stem.

Unscrew the bolts connecting the handlebars to the head-stem. Note the location of the brake cables. Loosen and remove them.

Slide the existing stem off the headset. Slide the new riser stem onto the headset.

Replace the handlebars and bolts onto the new riser stem. Replace the brake cables in the correct positions.

Replace and tighten the bolts at the center of the head-stem. Tighten everything securely and then test-ride your bike to ensure a quality fit.


Other options for raising Mongoose handlebars are adding a new riser bar, which can give 1 to 5 inches of height for your handlebars. A steer-tube extender can also be used to raise the handlebars by 2 to 3 inches.


Always wear adequate safety equipment and obey all traffic laws while riding a bicycle. Never ride a defective bicycle.