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How to Measure String Length for a Long Bow

Measure the Old String

    Step 1

    Hammer a nail into a board and loop one side of the old string on the nail.

    Step 2

    Pull the string tight and hammer a second nail through the free loop to hold the string in place.

    Step 3

    Measure the distance between the two nails to determine the length for your new string.

Measure the Bow

    Step 1

    Lay the long bow flat on the ground. Have a friend hold one end of a tape measure at the tip of the bow. Pull the tape measure to the opposite end and hold it tight. Read and record the measurement.

    Step 2

    Subtract 3-inches from the measurement to determine the standard string length for your bow.

    Step 3

    Contact the manufacturer of the new string to ensure three inches is the preferred measurement for their material.

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  • Find the labeled length on your bow and contact the manufacturer for string recommendations. Most manufacturers will have a preferred string brand and length for the specific bow.


  • Do not string and fire the bow until you know the proper string length. Firing with a short string will damage the limbs.

Things Needed

  • Tape measure

About the Author

Zach Lazzari is a Montana based freelance outdoor writer and photographer. You can follow his work at

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