Making Basketball Nets at Home

    Cut 12 lengths of rope at 80 inches each. Use your measuring tape and scissors to do this.

    Fold one piece of rope evenly down the middle. Measure 8 inches, 15.5 inches, 23 inches and 30.5 inches from the center of the rope. Mark each measurement with the marker.

    Using the overhand knot method, tie two lengths of rope at the 8 inches mark. Repeat this method at the 8 inches mark until the ropes are closed into a loop. Repeat the process for all of the other marks on the rope. This makes the net go from wide to narrow as a basketball net should.

    Burn the tips of the rope. This is done to avoid fraying.


  • Tug on each knot to ensure tightness.

Things Needed

  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • 50 mm Nylon rope
  • Marker
  • Lighter

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