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How to Install Taps on Tap Shoes

    Step 1

    Turn over one of the tap shoes so the sole is facing you. Place the toe tap over the toe, so it lines up with the holes at the toe of the shoe.

    Step 2

    Insert the first screw into the top hole. Holding the toe tap in place with one hand, screw in the first screw with your screwdriver. Make sure you twist the screw in until it is very tight. Repeat with the other screws.

    Step 3

    Hold the small heel tap against the heel and line it up with the hole or holes (depending on the style of shoe). Insert the first screw into the lined up holes, and screw in as tightly as possible. Repeat with other holes.

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  • After securing the taps to the shoes, put them on and perform a couple steps to check the tightness of the taps. Take the shoes off and examine the taps. They should still be tightly secured to the bottom of the shoes. If they've loosened even slightly, tighten them with your screwdriver.

Things Needed

  • Tap shoes
  • Taps
  • Screws (they come with the taps)
  • Screwdriver

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