Instructions for the Sportline Stopwatch 228

    Remove the plastic film covering the battery insulation strip and LCD of your Sportline stopwatch. The battery insulation strip preserves the battery power to your stopwatch.

    Locate the "Mode" button on the very top of your stopwatch as you face it. Use the Mode button to toggle between the normal time, alarm time and stopwatch modes.

    Press the "Stop/Start" button located right of the Mode button when you want to switch between the regular time and the month/date display.

    Press the "Split/Reset" button on the left of the Mode button to switch between the normal time and the alarm time. The Normal Time mode gives you the day of the week in the upper left corner of the display, the hour, minute and second. The Alarm Time mode provides you with the alarm time and alarm icon on the right display side.

    Press "A" after selecting the Stopwatch mode to activate the stopwatch. Press "C" which resets the stopwatch to "0:00" before you begin to use it. Press "A" again when to want to return to the Normal Time mode.

    Press "A" three times to activate the Time/Calendar mode. Press "C" to select the second, minute, hour, date, month and day. Press "B" in the Time/Calendar mode when you want to increase the value, such as the minute or hour, and when you want to change to a 12-hour or 24-hour format when setting the hour. Press "A" again to return to the Normal Time mode.

    Press "A" two times to activate the Alarm Setting mode. Advance the hour by pressing "B." Select the minute by pressing "C", then press "B" to change the minute value. Return to the Normal Time mode by pressing "A."

    Press "B" and "C" at the same to turn the alarm to the "On" or "Off" position. The alarm will sound for one minute, and then it will not sound again until the following day. Activate the snooze feature by pressing "B," which causes the alarm to sound again after five minutes. The snooze alarm sounds for up to one minute and will not sound again until the following day. Stop the alarm by pressing "C."

    Press "C" for the alarm time display, then hold the C to set the hourly chime to the "On" or "Off" position. Press "A" until you see all of the week days appear or disappear.


  • Replace the battery when you notice the LCD becoming dim. Use an LR44 battery for your Sportline stopwatch.

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