How to Set an Aquatech Watch

Aquatech watches are relatively inexpensive compared to many other watch brands in the market with similar features. However, do not take the difference in price to necessarily mean this is an inferior product. Aquatech watches feature water resistance, a chime alarm and stopwatch. The watches feature generous rubber and plastic impact points, making these rugged watches suitable for a variety of sporting and outdoor activities. The biggest plus for the watch is indeed the price. If you break or lose one, it is easily replaced. The biggest negative is the confusing, and sometimes erroneous, directions supplied with the watches in regard to function and setting.

Familiarize yourself with the watch itself, paying special attention to the markings on the watch in regard to the function of the buttons. Most Aquatech models feature "light," "mode," "start/stop" and "lap/reset" buttons.

Begin with the watch at the time view to set the time and date. If you are not already at this view, use the mode switch to scroll through the screen views until the time shows. Now you are actually ready to set the time.

Depress the "mode" button three times. By doing this you enter the setting menu and scroll through the functions of the watch. The first screen should be the stopwatch mode, the second should be the alarm time, and the third should be the time settings. At this point, the Tuesday (TU) and seconds should be flashing to indicate you are at the correct position.

Depress the lap/reset button which allows you to move through each of the time units such as minutes, hour, date, month and day of week. As you move through the time/date units, each may be adjusted by depressing the start/stop button which allows you to advance through the details. In other words, this allows the adjustment of minutes, hours and so forth. When you reach the "hour" setting, select either 12- or 24-hour formats. The 24-hour format is also referred to as military time and may be advantageous in certain settings or conditions. When you are satisfied that your settings are correct, depress the "mode" button which exits you from the setting menu and allows you to view the time.

Disable the chime feature which sounds at the hour mark , if your Aquatech watch has this. Although a useful feature, there may be times or situations where it is not advantageous for this to occur. To disable the hourly chime, depress the "lap/reset" button while at the same time depressing the "mode" button. Contrary to how this sounds, you do not need three hands, only practice. You should see an indicator at each of the 7 days when the hourly chime is active and none showing when the hourly chime is inactive.

Set the alarm feature. Depress the "mode" button two times. As before, this allows you to access the settings menu of your watch. Scroll through the menu using the "lap/reset" button until you reach the alarm screen. Use the "start/stop" button to advance to the desired alarm time. When you are finished, depress the "mode" button once again which exits you from the settings menu and returns you to the main view screen.

Activate the alarm feature. Depress and hold the "lap/reset" button, while simultaneously depressing the "start/stop button." If successfully accomplished, the alarm icon will indicate whether the alarm is "on" or "off." Once the alarm is set and activated, your watch will chime until the "lap/reset" button is depressed, which turns the alarm off. To utilize the "snooze" feature, which briefly cancels the alarm and allows it to chime again in approximately 5 minutes, depress the "start/stop" button.


Do not become frustrated with the process. As you become more familiar and comfortable with the functions and process you will come to enjoy these watches.